DotX Control Solutions

DotX Control Solutions develops advanced estimation and control algorithms for a wide
variety of systems, such as:

  • Wind turbines
  • Processes (steel, chemistry, food)
  • Mechatronic systems (such as a camera measurement system, a testbed, etc.)

In this movie DotX explains, in just 2 minutes, what they do.

DotX over MAAK
There are several reasons for DotX to be located in MAAK Haarlem. First, DotX feels at home between companies that make things. Second, the location is central to companies and universities that we cooperate with and work for. Third, we have the ambition to contribute to new 3D printer developments. Therefore, we are developing a new 3D printer nozzle and a new control system for the 3D printer.

Waar kun je DotX Control Solutions vinden

DotX Control Solutions B.V.
Oudeweg 91-95 (unit B-1.1)
2031 CC Haarlem
the Netherlands

+31 6 189 66 595